Trade name
Takeru Shoji Architects .Co.,Ltd
Establishment date
Nov 13 , 2008
Location of the head office
Ijinike house #202 591-1 Nishiohatacho Chuo-ku Niigata-City 951-8104 Japan
3,000,000 yen
Settlement term
Member of the board
CEO Takeru Shoji
1.To investigate, analyze, plan, design, and oversee all aspects of the building and interior designing process
2. To investigate, analyze, and plan how to best utilize the available land
3. To plan, design, and produce various types of events
4. To plan, design, produce and sell industrial products
5. To plan, design, produce, and manage a variety of shops and restaurants
6. To publish literature relating to architecture and urban planning
7. To deal with all operations relating to the above objectives